Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Circulator bus to extend to Howard U, link Columbia Heights with H Street NE & Brookland in the next decade

Looks like there may be some new ways to get around the city via the Circulator bus in the next few years. The city's Department of Transporation, DDOT, is planning some extensions to existing routes from 2015 to 2017, plus some new routes coming from then until 2024.

In the first phase, the Dupont-Georgetown-Roslyn route will be extended to U Street/Howard University or Howard University Hospital. It's tough to tell from the map but it appears to end near 14th and U, though the report doesn't specify where. The later down the road, the Adams Morgan-H Street NE line would run through our area as well -- and that would be a great one to have. Right now there's no great way to get to H Street NE from our area.

Here are the recommended corridors and exensions, and here's the full (very long) report from DDOT which includes some routes they considered but decided against. Click the map for a bigger one!
Recommended Corridors
Phase I: Near-Term (FY 2012-2015)
• Union Station – Skyland – Camp Simms
• Dupont Circle-Georgetown-Rosslyn extension to U St/Howard University
• North Mall—Union Station to Georgetown
• South Mall—Union Station to Arlington Cemetery
• Union Station—Navy Yard extension to NoMa
• Dupont Circle—Southwest Waterfront – Navy Yard 
Phase II: Mid-Term (FY 2016-2018)
• Adams Morgan—H St NE
• St. Elizabeths Campus/Congress Heights—H St NE
• Tenleytown—Brookland  
Phase III: Long-Term (FY 2019-2020)
• Tenleytown—Silver Spring
• Minnesota Avenue to Skyland
h/t DCist

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