Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Black Lives Matter, I'll Ride with You posters and projections in Mt. Pleasant

Last night, designer Carol Summers spotted some interesting activist art in Mt. Pleasant about supporting Muslims in Sydney after the hostage situation there, and about the response to recent police shootings of young black men in Missouri, Ohio and elsewhere.

She spotted a light projection on the wall of the vacant Suns Discount store at Mt. Pleasant Street and Kilbourne reading "I'll ride with you," after the response to the Sydney hostage situation where Australians vowed to ride along with Muslim transit-goers who were afraid of being harassed for their religion.

In addition, the same wall has a number of posters about the recent police shootings in Ohio, Missouri and elsewhere: they read "Black Lives Matter," "Solidarity with Black Moms" and other similar messages.

Interesting to see the spread of these messages. A bit ago I noticed "black lives matter" graffiti on a few construction sites.
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  1. This is going to come way, way out of left field, but do you know who it is that projects the protest images in Mt. Pleasant? I'm hoping to write up a piece on them.

  2. My guess is Decoy: the fonts look the same as other ones they do

  3. Here's another


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