Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday at DCUSA is almost here: beware (unless you love it)

Being one of the main shopping areas around, DCUSA is often bonkers on the day after Thanksgiving. Unless you enjoy waiting in lines or are bargain crazy, I would suggest you stay far, far away.

It's frequently been bonkers -- huge lines around the building starting going from Irving to Park, people getting in line days before and camping out, and so on. A few years ago the Washington Times wrote about some folks who actually ate Thanksgiving dinner in line -- to me, that's too much.

In previous years they would (smartly) only allow so many people into the building at once, so there wasn't a huge rampage in the doors. There have been musicians and entertainers sometimes as well.

Here's a few other photos and tweets from years past, some from the day before (Thanksgiving Day.) At the very bottom is a good video from the Times as well.

Are you heading to DCUSA this Black Friday, or staying the hell away? If you do, dress warmly!

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  1. I was there about 2pm on Friday. No lines outside. I shopped first at Staples which was very quiet. Target wasn't that busy either. Special TV's and sound bars were still on sale in the women's clothing department. Check out lines seemed normal. Overall it felt like a normal Saturday.


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