Monday, November 17, 2014

Awesome new mural on 13th Street: Tin-Can Telephone

Awesome mural on 13th #mural #columbiaheights

The other day I was walking up 13th Street near Otis and spotted this great mural of two kids talking on a tin-can phone. PoP has some more background: the building, which is a small condo, reached out to DC Murals, a group that finds artists to put up murals. And this is the awesome result.

The artist is James Bullough, who is from DC but now lives in Berlin. It's almost photorealistic, aside from the white and turquoise slashes.

I really like it, it's probably my favorite mural around the area. It makes me want a mural, if I ever had a wall for it.

Here's a few other shots from Bullough's site.

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  1. This is really old news. I saw this on popville over a month ago


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