Thursday, October 9, 2014

WMATA now running some double length, articulated buses on 14th Street

The other night I took the 52 bus from 14th and U, and the bus was one of those double-length, articulated buses -- the ones with the flexible elbow in the middle. I had never seen that before on 14th, only Georgia and H Street, but then yesterday I saw another articulated 52, so it must be a thing.

I can't find it on the WMATA website, but this is a good change -- the 14th Street buses are often quite crowded, so anything that can pack more people onto one bus is good in my book. Especially in the mornings, the 14th Street buses are mobbed and sometimes have to skip stops because they're full.

So far I've only seen these in the evening, not morning, so it's not clear to me if it's just an evening rush hour thing or not. In any case, it's a positive development.

UPDATE: A commenter says they saw two in-service articulated buses during the day going southbound, so it must be all day.


  1. I saw two articulated busses on 14th street last week. They were very close to one another and were southbound. It was the middle of a weekday and both busses were in service.

  2. Thanks! So I guess it's all the time now. Good to know.

  3. I saw one of these a couple weeks ago down by Logan. I thought my eyes deceived me, or that it was out of service, but there it was, brightly shining a 52 label down upon me. Good to see it wasn't just a one-time accident.


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