Thursday, October 2, 2014

Watch video of the 1924 Washington Senators winning the World Series on Georgia Avenue; fans storm the field

 This is pretty great. A friend sent me this video of a recently digitized newsreel from the Library of Congress showing the 1924 Washington Senators winning the World Series in DC. The team was one of many early iterations of professional baseball in DC, and eventually moved to Minnesota to become the Twins.

They played at Griffith Stadium located near the corner of Georgia Avenue and Florida Avenue, an area now the home of Howard University Hospital. In fact, the original location of home plate is marked in a hallway inside the hospital.

This team, featuring Hall of Famer Walter "Big Train" Johnson, was the only DC team to ever win the World Series. It's a nice throwback to get us in the mood for the Nats playoff games, which start tomorrow.

And stay tuned for more historical baseball posts about our area as the Nats begin play!

Below is a 1960 picture of Griffith Stadium facing towards the southwest. The street at top right is Georgia Avenue, and the building just to the right of the stadium is the still standing, though greatly enlarged, Howard University School of Medicine. Most of those rowhouses still exist on the sleepier blocks around the stadium.

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