Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taqueria Habanera, new taqueria at 14th and Spring, is tasty

A couple weeks ago I wrote that there's a new taqueria coming to 14th and Spring, just down the block from the Red Derby, called Taqueria Habanera. The other day I stopped in and it was pretty delicious.

It's a friendly, family-run spot with about 8 tables for dine-in, plus a counter where you order so you can do to-go. I chose that option and got a shrimp taco, which was on special that day, al pastor (shawarma-style pork with onions and cilantro) and a chicken with spices. That, with a Mexican mango drink called Boing (I bought it for the name) ran me about $11. They also have fish tacos, barbacoa (beef), tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and full dinner plates that come with rice and beans.

Back at my place, I dug in and thoroughly enjoyed them. The shrimp taco came with a tasty sauce that I couldn't place, but went well, and the pastor was made very well. The chicken was also quite good and had a lot of things on it.

The tacos were a bit different than the also tasty 3 Salsas down 14th Street: 3 Salsas are simple (in a good way) while the Habanero ones were a bit heartier.

I was a big fan and will definitely come back to try the rest. Yelpers give the place 5 stars and really like the chicken milaensa torta (breaded chicken cutlet.)

Taqueria Habanero is at 3710 14th Street NW.

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Jacqui said...

I'm a huge fan of the great options we have for taquerias on 14th. I occasionally went to Taqueria Distrito Federal, never leaving overwhelmed, but they're friendly and they give you chips and salsa whether you're dining in or waiting for carry out.
Then came 3 Salsas. Their Milanesa De Pollo was my go to. I couldn't get enough of it, along with a side of their chips with the avocado salsa, I must have at that upwards of twice a week.
Now for Taqueria Habanera, this is the best place hands down. Their Chicken Milaensa Torta is unbelievable. Spicier than the one from 3 Salsas. Their chicken burrito is also incredibly good. I eat at Taqueria Habanera a few times a week now. I can't say enough good things about the place. The last time I went their tortilla chips were stale, but I let that slide.
In summery, go to Taqueria DF for the free chips and salsa, go to 3 Salas for the incredible avocado salsa, and go to Taqueria Habanera for everything else.
That's my two cents.