Monday, October 27, 2014

Rapper Drake visits Columbia Heights Z-Burger on Saturday night

Well, this isn't something you hear every day. Via DCist comes the news that Drake, probably the most famous rapper around today, was spotted at the Z-Burger at 14th and Park on Saturday night, the day after his birthday.

Twitter was aflutter (atwitter?) about it and one person appears to have snapped a picture of said rapper (and former Degrassi actor) with a friend sitting in one of the booths. I hope he enjoyed it. The kiwi shakes are pretty great.

Drake had celebrated his birthday in our city and apparently dropped a lot of cash (literally dropped on the ground) at a strip club.

This isn't the first rapper to be spotted in the area -- a few years ago I saw British rapper Lady Sovereign at 14th and Columbia, Questlove of the Roots was spotted (and took a picture of our neighborhood's skateboarding dog), and Malice from Clipse and DC rapper Wale were also in the area for events or videos. There have been many other famous folks in the area, too -- Chris Rock on Georgia Avenue, the First Family a zillion times, Joe Biden at Pete's ApizzaCate Blanchett at Target, Jessica Alba and Keri Russell, and lots of others. Check them all out here.

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