Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween edition of Playback the Tape screening vintage VHS clips this Thursday at the Mothership

This sounds like fun: Playback the Tape presents screenings of vintage VHS clips, a throwback to the days when people had to physically tape things and pass them on for others to see -- when words like tracking made sense. 

They've done a few in the neighborhood before and on Thursday at the Mothership, they'l be hosting a Halloween-themed event with three Halloween adventures, complete with vintage TV commercials and clips from Ghostbusters and Nightmare on Elm Street. Sounds like fun.

Here's more from their website:
playbackthetape gets behind unique events that might not happen otherwise. this includes a wide variety of worthwhile content, including our signature effort – the eponymous monthly VHS screening series in which we preserve, promote, and present a lighthearted feature-length touring show of curated videotape content, hosted by ace partner venues in washington, dc and beyond.  
our VHS shows are: (a) always all ages; (b) never a cover; (c) comprised largely of collected submissions 
come and contribute, or just to explore!

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