Thursday, October 16, 2014

Check out this music video filmed in Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant

Here's a good music video of a cool song, shot in our area.

The other day, local resident Tony Azios sent me this video he shot mostly in Columbia Heights of the song "The Ghosts Are Dancing" by MOLO, a British band.

There are some places you may recognize in the video, and some you may not, like alleys, rooftop views and more. It's a very well done video and and I really like the song too -- chill and relaxed, sort of like Lykke Li, Junior Boys or Little Dragon.

Check it out:

The Ghosts Are Dancing ~ MOLO from Tony Azios on Vimeo.

Here's more from Tony on the video:
- I'm a local aspiring filmmaker, living in Mount Pleasant. I recently graduated with an MFA in Film & Electronic Media from American University, with a focus on Documentary Production. 
- Most of my video work is in either marketing or documentary, but I've always loved the more liberal, abstract approach to narrative and rich platform for creative visual environments that music video provides. So, wanting to try my hand at a music video, I asked a buddy living in London whose band has seen some recent success there if I could film a video for a song of his that was being released in Europe in May 2014. This video is the result. 
- The idea for the video was to follow the lonely, wandering journey of a living ghost - a young woman alive, but disconnected from the living by her own deep sadness. A solitary, emotional satellite stuck between two worlds, she is lost in the ether of a decrepit ghost town, searching for something she will never find. It's only tangentially related to the song's lyrics (again, I like the music video medium's permissiveness with narrative and linearity), but does attempt to capture the mood and setting I felt the music take me to. 
- Much of it was shot in the Columbia Heights / Mount Pleasant / Lanier Heights area, such as in the alleyway behind Cercilia's Restaurant on the corner of Mount Pleasant Street and Irving Street NW. Much of it was also shot from my Irving Street rooftop, like the time-lapse of the steeple of the National Memorial Baptist Church. 
- This was a collaborative effort in the neighborhood. All four of my Mount Pleasant housemates helped in various talent and production capacities.
The alley scooter shots remind me of Mopedlords, the video series about post-apocalyptic moped gangs my friends shot in the neighborhood a few years ago.

This is also a good time to remind folks of my Bands in the Neighborhood series, where I talk with local musical acts. If you have a neighborhood band, email me! newcolumbiaheights[at]gmail(dot)com!

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