Friday, September 19, 2014

Try GoodShuffle, a home and garden item rental service: special deal for NCH readers!

A few months ago, I heard about GoodShuffle, a new service founded in DC that lets you rent tools and other home & garden equipment from your neighbors rather than buy your own. The idea is simple: why spend money on something you might only use once or twice?

The folks at GoodShuffle were nice enough to offer a discount code for New Columbia Heights readers, $10 off one rental until October 20th: just enter NCHB10 when you check out. Sounds like a good chance to give the service a shot.

Aside from tools, they have all kinds of other items you might need occasionally for your own use or for events you're putting on: tents, speakers, ladders, drills, cables, folding chairs, tables, grills, canopies, and so on. There's even photo booths for events (or just shenanigans, I suppose.) You choose the items you need, go pick them up, and pay the daily rate.

It's free to list your stuff too, though GoodShuffle takes a small percentage of each transaction from the owner of the item. Here's a video about it:

GoodShuffle "How It Works" from Erik Dreyer on Vimeo.

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