Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thai Tanic II is now closed, Laotian restaurant Thip Khao opening there in the fall

A few weeks ago, we learned that Thip Khao, a Laotian restaurant from chef  Seng Luangrath, who runs the popular Bangkok Golden in Seven Corners, was coming to the Allegro building at 3462 14th Street NW. It would be replacing Thai Tanic II, the Thai spot. 

And it's making some progress -- a tipster emailed that Thai Tanic II is now closed, and the Thip Khao website reports that they're hoping for a fall opening.

The food sounds pretty awesome too: family-style dishes and other traditional items like laab (minced meat salad, pictured above) grilled meats, and a sticky rice serving basket, which is what Thip Khao translates to. For a hint at what the food would be, check out Chef Seng's website. Looks tasty.

There will also be cocktails: frozen drinks and Lao takes on classic drinks. This is all making me hungry and thirsty.

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