Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Le Caprice on 14th now serving beer and wine, breakfast, lunch and dinner

Le Caprice, the fantastic French bakery and cafe at 3460 14th Street NW, is expanding their hours and offerings -- they're now open for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast, and are serving beer and wine for those.

Lunch and dinner offerings include salads, sandwiches (I had the brie and apple one the other day, pretty tasty) and both Mediterranean dishes like kebabs. Most will be made to order, but then closer to closing there will be pre-made offerings. Their website seems a little out of date, last time I was there there were a lot more things (you can also see their sandwich menu below.) The hours are Monday-Friday, 6:45am-8pm, Saturday 7:30am-8pm and Sundays and holidays 7:30am-7pm.

I've always liked the breakfast offerings, the breakfast sandwich on a homemade roll with egg, tomato, cheese and bacon is great, and their pastries are top notch. If you recall, the Erfani family that runs the shop moved from France, where they ran a bakery, so they know traditional French baking.


  1. Typo: it is 3460 14th St NW, north of Monroe.
    You should know your N/S blocks. Here is some orientation on the intersecting cross streets:
    1400 = P St
    2000 = U St
    2900 = Harvard
    3200 = Park Rd

    Elizabeth (scold)

  2. Yeah, I looked it up, saw 3460 and then made a typo.


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