Monday, September 8, 2014

G Sandwich Shop is awesome (but not cheap, but worth it)

A few weeks ago I stopped by G Sandwich Shop, the Mike Isabella-run spot at 14th and V, and it was pretty fantastic. I highly recommend it.

I tried the Calypso Chicken Curry, with Caribbean-style chicken plus pickled peppers, a tangy, thin yogurt sauce, cucumber and grilled pineapple on flatbread -- it sounds like an odd combo, but went together perfectly and the ingredients were cooked just right. My buddy got the Bullshot, a lot of rare roast beef with fried green tomatoes, bacon and celery slaw on a tasty sub roll: a lot heartier than mine but also quite delicious.

I also got a side of homemade potato chips, which were the right balance between soft and crunchy, and a watermelon-tarragon house made soda, which was also really good. (The mango, hops and coriander one sounds interesting too.) The sandwiches start at $9 up to about $14 for specials, plus $2 for the chips and $4 for the drink, so it's not a cheap lunch, but is a delicious one. They also have beer on tap. (If you get some of the free flavored water instead, you'll save a few bucks.)

It's an inviting space too, big and bright with murals on the walls and wood tables and chairs.

G is open for lunch 11am-5pm daily, plus a tasting menu 6-10pm on Wednesday-Saturday, and a "Sunday Gravy" $40 prix fixe, family-style meal from 6-10pm on Sundays. I haven't tried the two latter ones yet, but plan to.

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