Monday, August 11, 2014

"Metro: tear down this sign" -- Somebody is mad about an inaccurate bus sign

I spotted this the other day at 14th and Irving. Apparently the northbound bus stop there is mislabeled, the bus doesn't stop there.

I'm not sure I get it though, as the bus runs in a loop -- it goes up 14th, across then into Mt. Pleasant (hence the bus amusingly having "H8 MT PLEASANT" on its marquee.)

If it's really inaccurate though, I'd suggest they contact Metro and Jim Graham rather than make a kind of funny sign. It's not exactly the Berlin Wall.


  1. The bus stops on 14th (NE corner) when it is going to Mt. Pleasant. The bus stops on Irving (SW corner) when it is going to Rhode Island Ave Station.

  2. Right, so it stops at both, so to me the Metro sign is correct


    Regan would've had that sign down #thanksObama


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