Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Milk Cult Sanctuary, the breakfast taco, coffee and ice cream sandwich popup, is no longer at Park View Patio

Late last year I was raving about Milk Cult, the pop-up shop that operated inside the Park View Patio bar at 3632 Georgia during the day -- they sold delicious breakfast tacos, good coffee and fancy ice cream sandwiches. However, they have now moved on from our area, looking for a permanent space while appearing at local farmers markets.

The Milk Cult Sanctuary, as they called it, was an awesome place to get a morning meal or hang out during our many snow days that winter, and also an interesting symbiotic use of PVP's space -- the bar was closed anyway, so the Milk Cult guys could put the space to good use. (And if you recall, Milk Cult got started selling their ice cream sandwiches out of a specially modified motorcycle sidecar, which is pretty awesome.)

They told me via Twitter a bit ago that they aren't at Park View Patio anymore as they're looking for a permanent space. As mentioned they're still setting up around the area, like at local farmers markets, Union Kitchen and special events, so follow them on Twitter to see where they are these days. In addition, their sandwiches are sold in a few local stores.

I haven't had the ice cream sandwiches, with flavors like salted butter caramel w/ chocolate chip cookie, buttermilk lemon zest w/ ginger molasses cookie, and milk & honey w/ corn flake cookie, but they all sound awesome. I was a big fan of both the coffee and tacos as well.

So good luck to the Milk Cult guys, we'll miss you! Don't forget about the Columbia Heights area.


  1. These "pop-up" concepts just don't work. I would go to a shop called Milk Cult (in fact, I hope they open in Petworth), but PVP blows. Any bar/pub without a full kitchen will not be successful. There are too many better options with food. Petworth desperately needs a sports pub. PVP could have been that, but they chose a horrible concept.

  2. I would argue that this shop didn't fail (though admittedly I haven't seen their books,) it seemed like a good fit and the food was awesome. The Milk Cult just wanted a more permanent home.


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