Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mike Brown Black Lives Matter rally on the Civic Plaza tonight at 6:30

Just saw this on Facebook, folks are organizing a Black Lives Matter rally on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza (the plaza in the triangle at 14th/Park/Kenyon.) It's organized by a St. Louis native named Lydia Marie, and she says:
Friends -
As a St. Louis native, its only right that I invite you to gather with me to express solidarity with the family of Mike Brown, the Ferguson Community, and all Americans who have suffered and will continue to suffer at the hands of police brutality. Lets show our support and inform the D.C. community.

Signs will be provided, as well as informational flyers. We'll take a group photo to send to the people of St. Louis to show them they aren't alone. St. Louis NEEDS your support! 
Please invite anyone and everyone to join us. We need your voice.
Here's the RSVP.

So far 200+ people have RSVPed. It's a smaller area than the large rally at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park last week, but sounds like it'll be a big crowd.

(And minor thing, it's not called "Columbia Heights Square," it's the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza.)


  1. How about rob a store, attack a cop, and then charge him (especially when you are 6'4 292 lbs)? Maybe then you won't get shot by a cop. LOL at these dumb fucks rioting and rallying, but also ignoring the facts. The white guilt media is hilarious.


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