Friday, August 1, 2014

Johnny's Carryout at 14th and Meridian claims to have the world's best cheesesteak

A few times I've passed by Johnny's, a nondescript carryout restaurant at 14th and Meridian NW: they have the usual carryout staples like Chinese food, seafood, fried chicken, subs and the like. However, in their otherwise normal window, there's a sign that reads "World's best cheesesteaks."

I thought that was pretty funny, not "famous cheesesteaks" or anything like that, but the world's best, so I decided to give it a shot. And while there may be better ones out there, I wasn't disappointed. It was damn good.

I got the combo, which is about $7 for an 8" regular cheesesteak, fries and a drink, though I had to buy a second soda to make it enough for them to take my credit card. After a few minutes of waiting, my dinner was ready. When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't super greasy or gooey, there was a ton of tasty meat, a good amount of cheese (but not too much, letting the beef shine), tomatoes, sauteed onions and lettuce. That's it, pretty simple. And it was good.

I devoured the thing in no time flat, and unlikely many cheesesteaks I've gotten, like Manny and Olga's, there wasn't a tray full of grease afterwards. It actually seemed like, Heaven forbid, a relatively healthy cheesesteak in that sense.

So maybe Johnny's is on to something. They were also mentioned by a commenter in the post on the best Chinese food in the area recommending them (though the commenter also said she doesn't have high standards) but hey, two good recommendations for it. Give them a shot if you like cheesesteaks.


  1. Thanks for the info about their cheesesteaks, Andrew. I'll have to take my mom, she loves them!

    I don't eat from Johnny's often, but the few times I've ordered from them I've been pleased. I live right around the corner...sometimes when I don't want to cook rice for dinner, I'll just go buy some cooked rice from them. They are friendly and convenient.

  2. Also, a few years ago I was able to order food that wasn't even listed on the menu at Johnny's. For example, I asked for tofu dishes (vegetarian) that weren't on the menu, but they gladly made them for me.

  3. Thanks for doing the research! Will check it out!


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