Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holy crap! Progress on Bacon Funeral Home!

I never thought I'd see the day. A couple of weeks ago I was walking by Bacon Funeral Home's vacant concrete block expansion, and it seemed like some construction had been happening there, but I wasn't certain. Then I walked by again the other day and there had definitely been some work done, all of the junk had been cleared out and they were starting to lay down a floor.

Pretty amazing. Of course, a floor doesn't mean there's actually going to be significant progress on the building, but after being completely unbuilt and a terrible eyesore for seemingly longer than anybody can remember, this a great start.

If you recall, the plan is that they're going to finish this building as their main office, then turn the existing one into a parking lot. They've faced a number of fines and complaints in the past, including a few orders that they finish the roof and secure the site so people don't sneak in and squat or do drugs or whatever. The last we heard, they were working on getting financing, so maybe that's actually come through.

Of course, the other thing is if them using this concrete block building as their main office and demolishing their existing one to use a parking is a good idea. But I have a feeling that may be a ways away.

Here's photos from a couple weeks ago, the photos above are from a few days ago.

Here's what it looks like from the street. 

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