Thursday, August 21, 2014

Co-working space Cove coming to the old Dunes location at 14th and Meridian

There's a new place to work in the neighborhood: Cove, a coworking space, is coming to the old location of the Dunes gallery and art space at 14th and Meridian. If you recall, the Dunes was located above the Getaway and closed in April of this year while the Getaway closed on New Year's Day, 2014. 

We haven't heard anything lately about the Getaway space, but this sounds like a good addition to the area.

The idea with Cove is:
Meet cove, a network of neighborhood productive spaces with a community defining how to be productive together. Ditch the busy coffee shop, boring cubicle, and lonely living room. Come join the cove community and get things done! 
DC - we're starting with you.
There's already three locations in town, this being the 4th.

You pick a monthly plan (the hours per week that you need a space), pick a space, then use a QR code from your phone when you get there. The rates go from $24/month for 8 hours to $124/month for 50 hours, both of which seem pretty reasonable. They also offer conference rooms and are currently offering a free trial.

From the video on their website, they seem to have coffee and such, or you could just go down the street to Le Caprice.

I feel like the area could use something like this. I often see folks working from coffee shops, and wrote about good places for teleworking a few weeks ago.

Hat tip to PoP for the news, the company tweeted at him with confirmation.

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  1. With the new Laotian place opening in the old Thaitanic II, I think upper 14th is going to explode. People will drive from other parts of DC just to eat there. Heck, it's so good people drive to Falls Church at their current restaurant!


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