Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Warning: pattern of thefts from auto around Spring/Perry; some tips

If you live near Spring Road or Perry Place (or just have a car) be careful -- somebody is targeting cars in the area. ANC commissioner Daniel Kornfield posted this to the Spring/Perry listserve.

It's helpful information whether you live there or not, or even have guests visiting with cars (my friend had her car broken into when she visited me a while ago -- not a fun way to hang out.)
Dear neighbors,

There has been a recent pattern of several people's cars being broken into in the neighborhood and items stolen, both from the seat area and from the trunk.  

Please do two things:
1. Do NOT leave valuables in your car, even if seemingly "secure" in the trunk.
2. DO call 911 and write to this list (or just write to me, if you are more comfortable with that) if you have any incidents or see any suspicious activity, such as someone walking around looking into cars and testing for unlocked doors.  Also please take a picture of suspicious individuals if you feel like you safely can.  You can also reach our local police lieutenant, Lt. Augustine, at David.Augustine@dc.gov to provide information or ask questions about frequency of patrol in the area.

Kind regards,

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  1. It seems there has been a huge uptick in car break in between like Monroe and Shepherd St along 13th. What are the cops doing to combat this? Anything proactive?


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