Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New coffee and ice cream shop at 14th and Belmont, Love n' Faith Community Cafe

Caffeine and ice cream lovers rejoice: there's a new coffee shop and ice creamery at 2424 14th Street NW, between Belmont and Chapin: Love n' Faith Community Cafe, which advertises coffee, liquid nitrogen ice cream (more on that later) fresh baked goods and smoothies.

The spot opened about a month ago and is nice and bright inside, with about a dozen seats. They're open every day both mornings and night, so it's a nice spot to go get an early morning coffee and pastry or late night ice cream. (The hours are below.)

I bumped into a buddy on the street while I was checking it out, and he said he really liked it, so there's an early review.

So, the liquid nitrogen ice cream -- I forgot to ask about it, but some research reveals it's a way to make ice cream on  the spot when you order it, so if somebody asks for a scoop they can just whip it up. They means it's fresher tasting and only requires a few (also fresh) ingredients. Sounds pretty tasty.

Here's their Facebook page.


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