Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cheap beer alert: $6 Narragansett tall-boy 6-packs at D'Vines

If you like beer, get yourself to D'Vines, the beer, wine and liquor store at 3103 14th Street NW: they have a super deal of a 6 pack of tallboys of Narragansett, a brew from Rhode Island, for only $6.

'Gansett may not be a Belgian farmhouse brew, but it's pretty tasty as cheap beer goes, and you can't beat that price for 16 ounce beers.

The other day I stopped in and they had the lager (pictured) and the Narragansett shandy for a higher price. I also like the slogan: "made on honor, sold on merit." I guess that's the Rhody version of "from the land of pleasant living" on Natty Boh.

And even if you aren't into cheap beer (for some reason!) they have a great selection of craft beer, wines and now craft liquors too. (Just beware if you're buying craft rye, it might all be from the same place.) 


  1. We tried this based on the recommendation, and you get what you pay for. We are not beer snobs, but I'll take a Natty Boh or PBR over this any day. The heads up on the bargain was great, but price isn't everything, especially in the case of this beer.

  2. Sorry to hear that! It's certainly not a fancy beer, but I think it's pretty good when it comes to cheap stuff.

  3. The Narragansett Lager beeradvocate score is better than Boh or PBR. I'd drink it any day over those two. BTW D'vines sells PBR too.


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