Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All the bars and restaurants in Columbia Heights showing the USA-Belgium game today

It's time to get patriotic -- lots of places in our area are showing the game! It's for a spot in the World Cup's final 8, and starts at 4 pm. Here's a list of what I've seen, and by all means add others you've heard of in the comments!

  • DC Reynolds has installed two 70" TVs outside to go with the 5 they already have inside
  • The Pinch is showing the game on all TVs with sound
  • The Red Derby is opening at 3:45 for the game, and will have happy hour deals til 8
  • Kapnos is open at 4 with happy hour deals and World Cup-themed cocktails
  • Piola Pizza also open at 4
  • Acre 121 is opening at 3 for the game
  • Lou's City Bar is open for lunch and will be for the game as well
  • The Coupe and Red Rocks are open as usual, haven't heard of any specials for the game. Both have a few TVs
  • Meridian Pint is open for the game, also not sure about deals or hours. For the US-Ghana game there was a fantastic atmosphere and huge crowd downstairs
  • Status unclear: Wonderland, Looking Glass, the Heights

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