Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Laotian restaurant, Thip Khao, to replace Thai Tanic II at 14th and Newton

A few weeks ago, we heard that a Laotian restaurant was coming to Columbia Heights, but not where -- just that it was in a currently open restaurant. Now via Twitter, the City Paper's Jessica Sidman confirms it will be located in the Thai Tanic II in the Allegro building at 3462 14th Street NW. 

The spot comes from Seng Luangrath, owner and chef at Bangkok Golden, a highly regarded Thai and Laotian restaurant in Seven Corners. In this case, it'll just be food from Seng's native Laos, including family-style dishes and other traditional fare like laab (minced meat salad,) grilled items, and sticky rice serving basket, which is what Thip Khao translates to. For a hint at what the food would be, check out her website. Looks tasty.

There will also be a cocktail and bar menu from mixologist Jack Caminos, including frozen drinks and Lao takes on traditional cocktails.

I never did get to Thai Tanic II, but they did have some good happy hour deals. Still, this place sounds pretty awesome!

(H/t Eater and PoP.)

Local history: 1919 map of Columbia Heights, 14th & Irving in the 1920s, plus our neighborhood's pro basketball team!

Ghosts of DC has a few quick history posts of interest to Columbia Heights folks: a 1919 map of the neighborhood and a photo of 14th and Irving in 1929 (seen above.)

The map is part of an old real estate atlas of the city produced regularly from 1903 to the 1920s to show residents and businesses where everything was. I wrote about the maps a few years ago, check them out here.

Interestingly, one of the old maps shows the Arcade building at 14th and Irving, a huge complex that at various times contained a rollerskating rink, bowling alley, farmers market, basketball court, games and amusements, and a lot more. (How awesome would that be to have today?) The place housed a professional basketball team, the Palace Five Laundrymen. Palace was a local laundry business owned by George Preston Marshall, who also owned the team so hence the less than inspiring "Laundrymen." Marshall later owned the Redskins. You may recognize the basketball team's name as the namesake for Palace 5ive, the hip clothing shop at 14th and Florida. (Do yourself a favor and check out the photos of team, they're awesome.)

(The tall guy was the team's center, named Gerody. Below is the Arcade.)

As for the 14th and Irving photo, it shows the northeast corner where the Metro entrance is, which was in 1929 a car dealership and florist (I wrote about that too.) Those two are gone, but a lot of those townhouses still exist on Irving Street. The dealer was I.C. Barber Motor Co., which sold Hudson and Essex cars. The florist still exists in another part of the DC area with a different name. Here's the big version of that photo.

Here's a map from 1921 with the Arcade and playground. Kind of interesting that the Arcade, the entertainment destination for those days, was eventually replaced by DCUSA -- maybe commerce is our entertainment now. The farmers market in the Arcade also moved just across the street to the Civic Plaza, which amusingly in 1921 was a playground at the time. The more things change, the more they stay the same. (More old maps here.)

Photos from, map from Library of Congress.

Maple begins Saturday brunch, expansion will open soon

Maple, the well-reviewed Italian restaurant and wine bar on the 11th Street strip, has a couple of good news announcements: they're beginning Saturday brunch starting this Saturday, complete with a free mimosa on the 2nd before noon, and also about to open their expansion.

If you recall, the expansion was into the old Columbia Heights Coffee space (RIP). They'll also be opening at 10am on Sundays, an hour earlier than they used to open.

The expansion basically doubles their space -- it was tight before. The spot gets good reviews on Yelp, 4 stars from 119 reviews.

Here's their press release.
Maple: Saturday Brunch Launches This Week; Expansion ImminentThe first mimosa is on us on Aug. 2 before noon.

Maple’s Saturday brunch begins Aug. 2, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. To celebrate the expanded brunch, those joining us before noon this Saturday can enjoy a complimentary mimosa with their meals. We will also open at 10 a.m. on Sundays, an hour earlier than usual.

The revamped menu includes baccala potato cakes (panko-crusted cod and potato cakes served with sunny-side-up eggs and a mixed green salad), Brioche French toast with blackberry compote and whipped mascarpone cream, and short-rib hash, inspired by our popular short-rib panino.

We're also putting the finishing touches on our expanded space, which will more than double our current seating capacity. We expect to open the new back patio, with seating for 34, within two weeks. The opening of our expanded indoor dining space will follow, with seating for 24 plus an upstairs 20-seat private dining room with a balcony overlooking the back patio.

See our upcoming wine events on our Events page.
Questions? Contact Lori Robertson through
Photo by Grace H., via Yelp 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Can Lyman's Tavern revive (or create) DC's pinball scene?

Lyman's, the relaxed new neighborhood bar next to the Red Derby, has a lot of pinball tables -- 6, to be exact. Part of the reason, aside from pinball being fun, is so the bar can host official tournaments, and last week, they hosted their first. DCist has more, and asks an interesting question -- can Lyman's resurrect DC's pinball scene?

To be honest, I didn't know DC had one before, but the city was formerly the host of the National Pinball Museum, hidden away in the Georgetown Mall. The museum left for Baltimore due to rent, and there aren't many other places that have pinball machines aside from a couple at the Black Cat and the Satellite Room and a few other bars.

The tourney, held for charity, had some interesting rules: rather than just score the most, three-player teams had to achieve various objectives like unlock a multiball or get a certain number of points. (The Post has more on the tournament.)

According to the DCist article, the bar has been of interest to DC-area pinball groups because the machines are nice and well-maintained, so it sounds like a good niche for the Lyman's folks. (Owner Kevin Perone is a pinball fan too.) Plus pinball at bars isn't super unusual, Portland, Ore. has a huge pinball scene with reportedly more than 500 machines around the city. Too early to see if Columbia Heights is next, but hey, pinball is fun.

And if you don't like pinball, the bar is just a nice place to chill out. (Or play Super Off-Road, the vintage arcade game where you drive an off-road truck.)

Lyman's is located at 3720 14th Street NW, at Quincy Street. Here's more on it.

Photo from Lyman's Facebook

Cheap beer alert: $6 Narragansett tall-boy 6-packs at D'Vines

If you like beer, get yourself to D'Vines, the beer, wine and liquor store at 3103 14th Street NW: they have a super deal of a 6 pack of tallboys of Narragansett, a brew from Rhode Island, for only $6.

'Gansett may not be a Belgian farmhouse brew, but it's pretty tasty as cheap beer goes, and you can't beat that price for 16 ounce beers.

The other day I stopped in and they had the lager (pictured) and the Narragansett shandy for a higher price. I also like the slogan: "made on honor, sold on merit." I guess that's the Rhody version of "from the land of pleasant living" on Natty Boh.

And even if you aren't into cheap beer (for some reason!) they have a great selection of craft beer, wines and now craft liquors too. (Just beware if you're buying craft rye, it might all be from the same place.) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mama Chuy, the tasty taqueria, now delivers!

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I'm a big fan of Mama Chuy, the Mexican taqueria at 2620 Georgia Ave NW, near Fairmont Streets. The spot, run by a brother and sister using their grandmother's old recipes, has delicious Mexican food plus tasty margaritas.

The tacos are delicious, as are the sopes, a kind of flat taco with a thicker, fried tortilla base. I've liked everything I've had there, especially the al pastor (marinated pork with onion and cilantro,) the milanesa (breaded, fried chicken) and the vegetarian ones with spinach, poblano pepper and melted Chihuahua cheese.

They also have bigger dishes like carne asada (grilled steak) platters, lots of burritos and the like, plus good sides -- I was a big fan of the papitas fritas, sort of like steak fries with Mexican cojita cheese.

But like Reading Rainbow, don't take my word for it -- they have four stars on 100 Yelp reviews.

And now they deliver! From 5 to 10:15pm, they'll bring their fare to you through Grubhub. I haven't tried them for delivery but I definitely plan to. And lst week they tweeted that you can get $5 off your first offer by using the code "eeo8919" at

FOIA: the most DC graffiti ever?

The other day I was hanging out at the Looking Glass Lounge with some pals, and made a trip to the downstairs bathroom, as people drinking beer are wont to do. In there, I noticed some graffiti scrawled onto the wall in big letters: FOIA. I think that might be the most DC graffiti ever.

And that's awesome. I doubt many other cities have folks who know what the Freedom of Information Act is, let alone care enough about it to write it in bathroom, then add to that the added step of having other people immediately recognize it -- what a town we live in.

(That said, Looking Glass is a good spot, don't graffiti their bathroom.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Free Latin American drinks (horchata, tamarindo, etc.) today at Pollo Campero!

Pollo Campero, the Latin American chicken spot at 14th and Kenyon, is offering free Latin drinks today to mark the launch of new all-natural drinks on their menu. The spot was recently renovated as well. Here's more from them. 

If you haven't been by, the chicken is tasty. As for the drinks, horchata is a sweet and delicious drink made from almonds and spices, tamarindo is made from the tamarind fruit, and jamaica (pronounced ha-mike-a) is a sweet hibiscus tea. All are awesome.
Today, your local Pollo Campero will be helping guests to stay refreshed in the summer heat. We are introducing all-natural Latin drinks to the menu. To celebrate the launch, we are offering free, 100-percent natural, Latin drinks to guests from 11 AM to 9 PM.

Guests can beat the summer heat with all-natural versions of the restaurant’s popular Latin drinks. While flavors vary by location, most restaurants feature Horchata, Jamaica and Tamarindo
I'm interested. Pollo Campero is located on the Civic Plaza at 3229 14th Street NW. 

InfestDC, music festival benefitting nonprofits, this week with venues in Columbia Heights

If you're an underground or punk music fan (or want to help some good causes), check out InfestDC, a music fest happening from July 31-August 3 with many shows in our area. Described on their site as a "four day celebration of underground art, music and activism," the fest has shows and events at about a DIY dozen venues, many of them in Columbia Heights or the surrounding area.

Proceeds from the event go to help support Positive Force, a group that works for positive social change, We Are Family, which supports seniors, and Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center, which provides shelter and a safe space. They're also raising awareness for The Way Home Campaign, a campaign to end chronic homelessness.

A single day pass is $10 or a $5 badge for some of the events. Venues and bands are listed on their website, and on the flyer above (click it for a bigger version.)

UPDATE: I corrected the groups the event is working with above.

The event raises money for two local organizations, Casa Ruby, which provides shelter and a safe space for LGBT people, and The Way Home, a campaign to end chronic homelessness.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lost shark at 11th and Park: have you seen it?

Have you seen this shark? Spotted this at 11th and Park the other day, outside Meridian Pint. Unfortunately, however, the contact information for the person who lost the shark is ripped off, so I guess if you find him you'll just have to let him swim in your bathtub or something.

Love seeing funny stuff like this.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New gym coming to 14th and Clifton: Elevate

There's a new gym coming to southern Columbia Heights: Elevate, located in the Capitol View building next to Love & Faith, the new coffee and ice cream spot.

Their website describes it as a "different kind of gym," it sounds like a cross between a personal training gym and group classes, with lots of monitoring your fitness. One of the links talks about training for Spartan, one of those extreme runs with obstacles, so it sounds like it's for the serious exerciser.

Sounds interesting. It's located at 2428 14th Street NW.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New coffee and ice cream shop at 14th and Belmont, Love n' Faith Community Cafe

Caffeine and ice cream lovers rejoice: there's a new coffee shop and ice creamery at 2424 14th Street NW, between Belmont and Chapin: Love n' Faith Community Cafe, which advertises coffee, liquid nitrogen ice cream (more on that later) fresh baked goods and smoothies.

The spot opened about a month ago and is nice and bright inside, with about a dozen seats. They're open every day both mornings and night, so it's a nice spot to go get an early morning coffee and pastry or late night ice cream. (The hours are below.)

I bumped into a buddy on the street while I was checking it out, and he said he really liked it, so there's an early review.

So, the liquid nitrogen ice cream -- I forgot to ask about it, but some research reveals it's a way to make ice cream on  the spot when you order it, so if somebody asks for a scoop they can just whip it up. They means it's fresher tasting and only requires a few (also fresh) ingredients. Sounds pretty tasty.

Here's their Facebook page.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Awesome dish: Kangaroo Boxing Club's "F--k It Bucket"

A couple of weekends ago I was at Kangaroo Boxing Club with some friends, having a few drinks. It got late and we got hungry, and we noticed something on the late night menu, served from 11pm-1:30am Friday and Saturday: the "F--k It Bucket," listed as "$10 bowl of awesome, no take backsies." Basically, it's whatever food they choose to put in a big bowl. So of course we got it, and it was pretty great (as drunk food goes.)

The bucket's contents vary, depending on the whims of the staff, but in this case it was ground beef with gravy, fries, and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets (not on the menu, just a funny thing to put in there, we guessed) all topped with macaroni and cheese -- sort of a weird version of poutine, basically. It was also enormous, a ton of food for $10. Another version that a City Paper writer tried included a duck egg, pulled pork pizza, fries, tomatoes, jalapenos and more. Fries are always involved, beyond that it's anybody's guess (they'll also do a vegetarian or vegan version if you want that.)

I tried taking a picture, but it didn't look appetizing, despite completely hitting the spot on our need for food. But take my word for it, if you're hungry after a few drinks, it's well worth it. (The rest of the late night menu is pretty good too.)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Barnes & Noble bookstore open on Georgia Avenue!

This is great news for book lovers -- today I was going down Georgia Avenue and saw some workers putting up a sign for Barnes & Noble at the Howard University Bookstore. It's at 2225 Georgia Avenue NW, near W and Bryant Streets. 

The bookstore already has a website and is replacing the previous HUB Bookstore as the official campus bookstore.

I've seen these type of combined university and Barnes and Noble, and they have a wide selection -- not just textbooks. They're open Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays.

Pretty great to see a proper bookstore in the area, I plan to check it out soon. In fact, a bookstore was one of the things mentioned in a previous "What We're Missing" post. (See all the What We're Missing posts here.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Give feedback on the redevelopment of 1125 Spring Rd NW; affordable housing? Market rate? Something else?

Old Jewish Home on Spring Rd As you may recall, the big, vacant Washington Hebrew Home building at 1125 Spring Road has some development plans -- the city wants to fix it up with about 80 affordable housing units. Some local residents have expressed concern, and the city is asking for your feedback.

The survey asks what kinds of housing do you think it should be used for -- affordable, market-rate, senior, workforce (as is for teachers, police officers, firemen, etc.,) for transitional housing for formerly homeless people, or for the mentally disabled.

Read on and fill it out! It's due by Friday, and the information in it will be used at the upcoming ANC meeting. (The percentages don't add up to 100%, I guess they'll average them.)
Knowing that the future of the former Hebrew Home for the Aged property at 1125 Spring Road is of great importance to many, I wanted to share the email and links it contains with you as quickly as possible. Also, the information below includes a survey, as suggested at the June 17th meeting, found here: 
I will continue to share information and updates as they become available. 
Kent C. Boese | Chair, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A | Single Member District (SMD) 1A08
608 Rock Creek Church Road, NW | Washington, DC 20010
202-525-7682 | | Twitter: @KentBoeseDC

Do you live in the 14th & Shaw neighborhood? No, because it's a dumb name


The other day I was getting a sandwich at Taylor Gourmet at 14th and T, and spotted a newsletter called D/CITY about local style and arts. It's a nicely designed little paper, with photos of allegedly fashionable dudes (apparently straw hats and highwater pants are cool) but what I noticed was that they described the area as the "14th & Shaw neighborhood" -- as in "in the words of the immortal James Brown, this is man's world -- and the neighborhood of 14th & Shaw might as well be the center of the universe." It also claims to be the "14th & Shaw neighborhood report."

While it doesn't say specifically who makes the paper, the only advertisers are two new residential buildings from the JBG Companies.

Sorry, JBG, you can't just invent a neighborhood name, let alone a stupid one. Of course, creating new neighborhood names from scratch isn't new, as in the NoMa area, but I'm still opposed to it. Let's not call it that. You can't pull a fast one over on us.

(And I realize I'm giving it more publicity by writing about it, but I thought it was dumb enough to write about anyway. I also felt the same way about "the GaP," allegedly the area between Georgia Ave and Petworth. Thankfully that died.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Warning: pattern of thefts from auto around Spring/Perry; some tips

If you live near Spring Road or Perry Place (or just have a car) be careful -- somebody is targeting cars in the area. ANC commissioner Daniel Kornfield posted this to the Spring/Perry listserve.

It's helpful information whether you live there or not, or even have guests visiting with cars (my friend had her car broken into when she visited me a while ago -- not a fun way to hang out.)
Dear neighbors,

There has been a recent pattern of several people's cars being broken into in the neighborhood and items stolen, both from the seat area and from the trunk.  

Please do two things:
1. Do NOT leave valuables in your car, even if seemingly "secure" in the trunk.
2. DO call 911 and write to this list (or just write to me, if you are more comfortable with that) if you have any incidents or see any suspicious activity, such as someone walking around looking into cars and testing for unlocked doors.  Also please take a picture of suspicious individuals if you feel like you safely can.  You can also reach our local police lieutenant, Lt. Augustine, at to provide information or ask questions about frequency of patrol in the area.

Kind regards,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mad Momos is delicious, check them out

You may recall Mad Momos, the Himalayan/American restaurant and beer garden that opened a couple of years ago at 14th and Parkwood in northern Columbia Heights. I went there last weekend and had a fantastic meal -- you should check it out if you haven't been.

Their signature dish is the momo, a type of dumpling, but my friend and I had already had those (they're good) so we opted for some variety. I got a curly kale salad with feta, walnuts, momo crisps (little crunchy bits) and craisins, and it was great. It was big too, I also ordered a cilantro-pesto flatbread naan, sort of like a mini pizza, with house-ground sausage -- also awesome, but since the salad was so big I saved most of it to take home. My buddy got a ginger beef noodle bowl with vermicelli noodles, sweet onions and ginger, which was similarly delicious. Here's the full menu.

They have a good drinks menu with some tasty craft beers, wines and cocktails. I had an IPA by Smuttynose called Finest Kind -- the server said it was their most popular beer and it was really good. I think even non-IPA likers would enjoy it.

That, plus sitting on the patio on a nice evening, made for a good time. I recommend checking them out if you haven't been.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Here's a place to do your taxes, get your back fixed, and get something notarized

Sometimes you just need to get your back fixed while notarizing something.

You have to hand it to these entrepreneurs on Georgia Avenue near Shepherd -- it's a veritable one stop shop of random services. There's a chiropractor, tax preparation, notary public plus immigration paperwork and other services. I've often seen various kinds of paperwork professionals aimed at the immigrant community in the same office, sometimes called a multi-servicio, but the addition of the chiropractor is a new one.

I wonder if it's one person who does all this stuff, or multiple folks sharing the same office? In any case, I wish them luck. I always like seeing random stuff in our neighborhood.

Pretty funny graffiti at the abandoned Washington Hebrew Home

Now I don't condone graffiti on private property, but I must admit this made me laugh. It's on a blank sign at the Washington Hebrew Home at 1125 Spring Rd. NW, which is planned to become affordable housing.

It's a little hard to see -- somebody wrote "Happy milk was here" with a smiling milk carton, then somebody else crossed out the carton and wrote "fuck you." Touche.

Maybe he was lactose intolerant.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rumor: new Safeway at Georgia & Randolph to be open 24 hours starting soon

Time to shop around the clock? A commenter on my previous post about the nice new Safeway opening at Georgia Avenue & Randolph Street NW, just north of the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro, says the store will soon be open 24 hours:
I was in the store yesterday and spoke with one of the employees. She told me that once the condos on top of the Safeway open (in about two weeks), the store will switch from its current schedule and be open 24 hours. Just FYI.
Another person said she thinks that might be dangerous, but I don't agree -- more foot traffic and more people around to me mean less dangerous. What do you think? I sure would like the convenience. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

What's the best Chinese food in the area?

Got a good question from a reader the other day, what do you think?
Any suggestions for a GOOD chinese restaurant in the Heights? I'm sick of Panda Express, but it's 4 star gourmet compared to some of the chinese restaurants that specialize more in chicken wings and mambo sauce rather than chinese. Help me Columbia Heights blog, you're my only hope! (Well, one of a few hopes, but yeah, you get my drift).
I usually order from Mr. Chen's Organic in Woodley Park which seems vaguely healthy, but I also really like Great Wall Szechuan on 14th near R. They have a separate menu with actual, authentic Szechuan food -- I really like the twice cooked pork. (It's the Ma La menu here.)

What is your favorite Chinese place in the area? Either takeout/delivery or eat in, but aside from Panda Express I can't think of any where you dine in.

Don't bike to the Ga. Ave CVS: many bike thefts, no cameras

If you go to the CVS at Georgia and New Hampshire, just south of the Georgia Ave. Metro, you may want to rethink biking there: there are apparently lots of thefts from the bike rack next to the door.

It happened to my roommate, who got more details. She rode over on Sunday afternoon and after being inside for about 15 minutes, she came outside to find her bike missing from the rack next to the door. Apparently thieves had cut right through her U lock.

She went inside to see if they had a security camera or if anybody had seen anything. The staff informed her the camera they had only looked at the front door and couldn't see the bike rack (which is maybe 10 feet from the door along the building's wall facing New Hampshire.)

Then amazingly, the staff told her that bike thefts happen there all the time. To me that's unacceptable -- if multiple bike thefts (or any kind of crimes) happen in front of your business, you should do something: put in more cameras or have the security guard walk by, or something. Although if they could steal he bike that quickly, maybe cameras are the best option.

Aside from being the right thing to do, it's just bad business sense to not address frequent crimes in front of your establishment.

My roommate did call the police, who responded and said they'd keep a lookout. It's also a good reminder to know your bike's serial number -- bikes do occasionally get recovered, and you have to know your serial number to get it back.

I'm going to do my best to contact CVS and the local neighborhood commission to see if they can do something about this issue. It seems crazy just to let it happen.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th at the Old Soldiers Home -- food, music, kids' bike parade, more!

Here's a neat option for the 4th of July: The Old Soliders Home, aka the Armed Forces Retirement Home, is located just northeast of Park View and the Georgia Avenue Metro, is hosting a July 4th celebration on their beautiful grounds. The rolling park is a great place to watch the fireworks, and they're doing a lot more.

Organized by Friends of the Soldiers Home, here's more. There's all kinds of events and groups attending, like a marching band, yoga demonstration, face painting, hot dogs and more.

July 4th Celebration
Friday, July 4, 2014
4 pm to 9:30 pm
 At the Lower Grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington D.C.
 (Enter at Randolph Street NW and Rock Creek Church Road)
Catch and Release Fishing with Trout Unlimited*Free Yoga From Lighthouse Yoga Center*Harambee with Baba Ras D*Hortonville, Wisconsin 100+ Member Marching Band Courtesy of Music Celebrations*DJ Billy White*Food w/ Captain Cookie, Lemon Grass Truck, Los Verracos, DC Ballers, Hardy’s BBQ, Friends of the Soldiers Home Hot Dog Stand*Kids’ Bike Parade*Kazoo the Balloon Maker*Face Painter Yanira Quinteros*Explore A DCFD Firetruck*Information and Kids’ Activity Tables from President Lincoln’s Cottage, Hero Dogs and Kirov Academy of Ballet 

See the fireworks from the National Mall

                                (Detailed schedule follows below)

Thank you to our sponsors GreenLine Real Estate and Safeway!

Glow sticks, cracker jacks, t-shirts and water and soda also available — sales of these items and the $5 parking charge benefit Friends of the Soldiers Home.
Carry in your own food and drink if you prefer; walk or bike in; take the H8 bus or Metro. The festival is a short walk from the Georgia-Petworth station. There will not be a shuttle bus between the main festival area and the ponds this year. No dogs allowed at festival. Remember to stay off the golf course.

Friends of the Soldiers Home is grateful for staff and veterans of the Armed Forces Retirement Home for making this opportunity available to the community. We are grateful for your service.
Activities & Event Schedule:
  • 4.30pm: Free yoga class for adults and kids hosted by Lighthouse Yoga Center
  • 4.30pm: Explore a firetruck with DCFD
  • 5pm: Harambee with Baba Ras D
  • 6:30pm: Kids bike parade – decorate your bike and join in our parade!
  • 7.30pm: Hortonville, Wis., High School Polar Bear Marching Band. A field performance featuring more than 100 entertainers! We are grateful to Music Celebrations for helping arrange this special event
Also featured will be music from the AFRH’s very own DJ Billy White!
All of the following activities will be ongoing and finish before the marching band at 7.30pm:
  • Catch and release fishing hosted by Trout Unlimited
  • Balloon animals and sculptures by Kazoo the Balloon Maker
  • Face Painter Yanira Quinteros — she’s back from Spring Fling!
  • President Lincoln’s Cottage Hosts a ‘Color-in Petworth Commute Map’ kids’ activity
  • Hero Dogs – Information table and ‘Meet the Hero Dogs’
  • Kirov Academy of Ballet – Information table and ‘Picture Yourself as a Ballet Dancer’ kids activity

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly beer deals at Lou's City Bar: $4 and $5 beer on Fridays

Lou's City Bar, the sports bar on Irving just west of 14th, has launched a "Featured Fridays" deal series with cheap drinks all summer -- deals like craft beers and ciders for $4 and $5, which sounds good to me. Here's the whole list.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All the bars and restaurants in Columbia Heights showing the USA-Belgium game today

It's time to get patriotic -- lots of places in our area are showing the game! It's for a spot in the World Cup's final 8, and starts at 4 pm. Here's a list of what I've seen, and by all means add others you've heard of in the comments!

  • DC Reynolds has installed two 70" TVs outside to go with the 5 they already have inside
  • The Pinch is showing the game on all TVs with sound
  • The Red Derby is opening at 3:45 for the game, and will have happy hour deals til 8
  • Kapnos is open at 4 with happy hour deals and World Cup-themed cocktails
  • Piola Pizza also open at 4
  • Acre 121 is opening at 3 for the game
  • Lou's City Bar is open for lunch and will be for the game as well
  • The Coupe and Red Rocks are open as usual, haven't heard of any specials for the game. Both have a few TVs
  • Meridian Pint is open for the game, also not sure about deals or hours. For the US-Ghana game there was a fantastic atmosphere and huge crowd downstairs
  • Status unclear: Wonderland, Looking Glass, the Heights

El Atardecer Latin American restaurant opens patio seating

Here's another option for outdoor eating and drinking in the neighborhood -- El Atardecer, the Latin American restaurant at 14th and Otis, has opened their patio seating with lots of tables with umbrellas. It looks pretty nice.

I haven't been to the spot, and Yelp only gives them 2 stars, though most complaints seem to be about the service. If you've been, let us know what you think in the comments.

If you recall, El Atardecer replaced DC Fish Carryout, which was a front for crack-dealing. It was shut down and those involved were put in jail. I'd rather have pretty much anything than that.