Friday, June 13, 2014

The dancing silver robot guy on 14th Street: yay or nay?

A few times I've seen and mostly ignored the guy who is painted silver and dances on a box at 14th and Irving -- he's sort of unusual. He dances to music coming out of a boombox, but I feel like half the time he's just standing or talking with somebody, or sort of half-assing it -- the other day I passed him and he was kind of dancing to Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" while drinking a Gatorade. It was pretty funny.

So what do you think? Cool guy or no? I think he adds some interesting local flavor, and I suppose he's better than the Black Hebrew Israelites who yell crazy stuff outside the Metro on their megaphones.


  1. He may not be all that different from the crazy ranters you've mentioned; I've seen him on the metro providing a rambling on about some religious theme or another. Guy has skills, though.

  2. I have always known this gentleman as the Tin Man. While I have never seen him on the metro, he pretty much keeps to himself when he is performing. He will answer questions and only asks that you provide a donation (which goes to his church) before taking a picture. I feel that he creates a vibrant and pleasant environment (much like the Music Man

  3. He's harmless. If you don't care for his act just keep walking.


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