Monday, June 16, 2014

Meeting Tuesday night on the redevelopment of the old Hebrew Home on Spring Road

In case you missed it, there are some plans to reuse the large former Washington Hebrew Home at 1125 Spring Rd NW -- the idea is the make it 70-80 units of affordable housing, aimed at people making up to about $65,000 a year (I calculated $68k while Park View DC said $63k.)

Park View DC reports there will be a public meeting to gather comments on Tuesday at the Petworth Library. The "surplus resolution" refers to the city transferring it to the DC Housing Authority, which will do the renovations and operate it. The idea is that it would be finished in 2016 or 2017.

Some folks in the comments on my blog have expressed concern about the building bringing in lots of poor people, while I think it seems like a good thing -- this is a nice, old building that's been empty for years. I even called it one of the spookiest buildings in the neighborhood. Why not put some residents in it?

It sounds like this meeting will be a good opportunity to have you voice heard on it.

Here's the building:

  Old Jewish Home on Spring Rd

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