Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First traffic signal study in 10 years underway -- hopefully will help 14th Street

Readers of this blog (and Twitter) will know that the traffic on 14th Street drives me crazy -- in the mornings it's sometimes backed up from Irving to Spring Road (like pictured at right), and it's not so great during other parts of the day either -- there's often backups around DCUSA.

It turns out the city might be working on it -- especially since the last study on traffic signal timing was done more than 10 years ago. Considering how much has changed in Columbia Heights since then, with much more traffic, residents and shoppers, it's about time.

A few weeks ago I emailed incoming Ward 1 councilmember Brianne Nadeau about the traffic and she said she'd get right on it. Soon thereafter she said she talked to DDOT, who said they're working on traffic signals in the city. Here's what they told her:
Traffic Signal Timing:
DDOT traffic engineers are now working on a major overhaul of the District’s coordinated traffic signal timings. The 5-year project is well underway, and DDOT has already implemented small changes at nearly 600 intersections to date. These small changes are Phase 1 of a critical first step in developing a solid foundation to enable more extensive changes to come in Phase 2 of the project over the next 3 years at all 1600 traffic signals in the District. This city-wide comprehensive signal retiming effort of this nature has not been done in over 10 years. DDOT’s goal for the project is to make DC traffic signals safer and friendlier for pedestrians, reduce traffic congestion, improve bus travel, and reduce harmful emissions.
Fingers crossed, and thanks to Nadeau for already getting to work on these issues! 


  1. How about emailing the actual, current concilmember?

  2. You mean the outgoing lame duck councilman who presumably can't be bothered?

  3. Fair enough for a blog that doesn't aspire to be a credible neighborhood news site.

  4. That hurts me to my core (it doesn't.)

    And to answer the earlier, pissy question I've emailed both Graham and Bowser about it. Only Nadeau responded.

  5. Plus as another commenter pointed out, Graham is going to be gone in a few months. Why not get a head start with the incoming Councilmember? Plus she found out what I wanted to know! What's the problem?

  6. wow, tough crowd.

  7. At least he's doing something.

  8. We've emailed Graham about it. I believe he responded and said he'd work on it, but nothing has changed. We were more worried about the lights on Kenyon heading west from 14th street. The light to cross 14th is insanely short and sometimes it takes 15 minutes to get from 14th across 16th.

    I head south from Kenyon down 14th street in the morning and the lights are timed pretty good all the way to Logan circle. But I've done the same route in the same direction in the afternoon and basically hit every light from CH to the mall.


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