Wednesday, June 11, 2014

City wants comments on Georgia Avenue streetcar routes, meeting Thursday

It's been a little while since we've heard about the plans for the Georgia Avenue streetcar. Officially called the North-South Corridor, the idea is that a streetcar like the kind on H Street NE will go from near Nationals Park to Takoma. While the timeline is up in the air, especially after the DC Council voted to cut funding, the city is still pressing forward with plans, and they need your comments.

DDOT has proposed four routes, two going up Georgia Avenue and two up Sherman Avenue in our area, with various destinations and end points (click the map at right for a bigger version.) They're having a public meeting on Thursday form 4-7pm at the Emery Rec Center at 5701 Georgia Avenue NW.

The routes all have something good in them, though I would prefer the Georgia Avenue ones rather than Sherman, mainly because Georgia is a bigger street and a commercial corridor, and Sherman is not -- plus the city just finished a long streetscape improvement project for Sherman, which looks fantastic -- it would be silly to tear that up again. I prefer the first option, which is relatively straight as well, and the second, which pops over the 14th Street between about Thomas Circle and U Street, thus hitting all of the bars and restaurants in that area.

That said, one of the Sherman options ends near the Fort Totten Metro, while the rest end at Butternut Street or Eastern Avenue, not really near other transit hubs. Maybe they can include that end part on one of the Georgia routes.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments, but more importantly, go to the meeting on Thursday!

(h/t DCist)


  1. It would make sense for the N-S streetcar (if built) to connect with a Montgomery County line to the Silver Spring Metro Station. The N-S Corridor is proposed to run through or alongside the Walter Reed campus.

    If we're going to bring those Maryland dollars down into the District, we need to facilitate it by connecting with a Maryland line. Otherwise, we have the equivalent of a dead-end track and offer no more public transportation than before for Marylanders to come and spend their money in DC.

  2. I think it is a stupid idea, I grew up off of Geogria and remember my dad cursing out the streetcars because he got caught up behind them and could not go around them. Streetcars are not as flexible as buses which can move over from lane to lane easing the motion of moving traffic. That is the reason DC got rid od them in the first place. We actually had more streetcars than buses then.


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