Friday, June 20, 2014

Austin Royster Funeral Home at 14th and Quincy to become condos

There will be more residents coming to the area around 14th and Spring: the Washington Business Journal reports that the Austin Royster Funeral Home at 3821 14th Street NW will be converted into nine condos. The building was bought last year by S2 Development.

By my count, this brings to three the number of new condo and apartment buildings coming to that area -- the 20 condos (and 7-Eleven) coming to the site of the burned sketchy hotel at 14th and Qunicy, and the apartments coming to 14th and Spring, wrapping around the corner store.

It seems like northern Columbia Heights is getting busy -- if you recall, Lyman's Tavern just opened a few weeks ago too.

Now if we can only get Bacon Funeral Home to do something with their concrete block abomination farther south. It's sad unfinished and abandoned for years.


  1. What's the latest on the Bacon Funeral Home Property -- seems by your last posting in 2013 that financing was secured, but I haven't noticed any changes in the building at all. There are a few buildings along that block of 14th that need to either be renovated or condemned!

  2. Yeah, I don't know. I've reached out to some folks and didn't hear, will do again. I hate that place.

  3. Will the 9 condo unit have any retail on the lower levels? Can't say I'm super excited about the 7-11. Wish it were a restaurant or pub.


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