Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another wacky commuter in the neighborhood: guy on a Segway

A couple of years ago I regularly spotted a guy riding a Razor scooter down 14th Street in the mornings -- I thought that was interesting and a little funny, but hey, more power to you, guy. He's saving money and getting some exercise on his morning commute.

Then the other day I spotted a guy in a suit riding a Segway down 14th in the morning, presumably on his way to work. I didn't get a chance to take a photo but tweeted it, and got a couple of responses who've seen the same suited, hat-wearing guy for some time. Maybe because he had a suit and no helmet, he didn't look like as much of a goofball as fanny-packed tourists and DC cops who ride Segways -- though I'm not sure I'd recommend no helmet on 14th Street.

Just another interesting thing about our neighborhood -- you always see something unusual.


  1. I used to see him all the time zipping down Irving around 14th.

  2. When we used to live near dupont there was another guy who used to commute on a segway. I think he wore a helmet though.


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