Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wonderland has awesome Taco Tuesday deals (but watch out for bocce folks)

Yesterday I went to Wonderland to enjoy the hot weather on the porch and also their taco Tuesday deal: $1 for a beef or refried bean taco (for 3 or 6), or the bocce special, $10 for 12 tacos. A pretty awesome deal; my friend and I polished off 12.

That said, Tuesday is also bocce day, and Wonderland is the sponsor bar for a league that plays at Tubman School, which means around 7:30-8 pm, the place starts to get really crowded with bocce-ers, so you may want to go early to find a table.

Have you been? I like to pair the tacos with an IPA or Eggenberg pilsner.

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