Friday, May 2, 2014

Weird trend: car crashes in front of Domino's Pizza

I don't normally write about car accidents, but this is unusual. On Wednesday night, my friend was walking up 14th Street just south of Girard and saw the aftermath of a wreck in front of Domino's: a car had jumped the curb and hit a sign, just missing a tree and the building itself. Police were on the scene and the driver wasn't there, presumably taken away in an ambulance. I hope they're ok. The photos are above and below.

Then last night, at nearly the same spot in front of Domino's, she reported that one car had rear-ended another.

I'm not sure what it is, but two accidents in the same place seems like a pattern. Maybe there's something in the road or with the lights that causes unsafe driving. Has anybody who drives there noticed anything?

And I hope everybody is ok.


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  2. Oh dear! I do hope the driver and the passengers are alright. Maybe the traffic department and the local public works in your area should look into the place to see what might be wrong. Maybe the road does not provide enough grip with car tires or maybe it’s a bit too dark, which had caused accident.
    Ron Campbell @ Penn Exxon


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