Monday, May 19, 2014

Preview of Lyman's Tavern at 14th & Quincy, coming later this month (& photo gallery)

Lots of vintage stuff Kevin has collected over the years

We've written about Lyman's Tavern a few times, it's the neighborhood bar coming next door to the Red Derby at 14th and Quincy, and last week I got a chance to see the inside with co-owner Kevin Perrone. It's almost done and looks great. Read on, and check out the photo gallery at the bottom.

A neighborhood resident, Perrone said they're hoping to open at the end of the month, pending permits and inspections and the like, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's got a nice rustic vibe, with lots of old wood that Perrone salvaged from inside the building and from another building on 11th Street, though it's not a Montana-themed bar like Urban Daddy article said. Perrone lived in Montana for 10 years, and there are some touches (like bathrooms with "Bucks" and "Does" signs) but his goal is just for it to be a relaxed, neighborhood place with no theme. He said he's been wanting to open a bar for a long time, and has worked at a number of them including the Raven and elsewhere in DC, plus in other states.

Continuing the rustic vibe is the decor: there's a lot of vintage cameras, old beer paraphernalia and other interesting stuff that Kevin has collected over the years. There's a main jukebox with honky tonk, country, rock and roll and the like, plus smaller jukeboxes at each table where people can play songs on the main jukebox -- a cool touch. There will also be four pinball machines and Super Off-Road, the fun old arcade game where you race off-road trucks. There's a piano too, which was recently tuned, and Kevin entertained the possibility of getting a piano player at times, plus maybe occasional bands.

They will have food, but they don't have room for a full kitchen so the menu won't be huge -- he said they're still working out what they might have. They'll have 6 draft beer lines, including PBR, DC Brau and Long Trail, a beer from Vermont which Kevin is a big fan of (he also lived in Vermont.) The spot will be open at 11 am all day, so they expect to have a lunch menu, drip coffee and wifi, possibly something brunch-y too.

The capacity is 70, mostly seated but perhaps some standing folks around the bar and elsewhere -- one interesting feature is the bar stools, which are farther apart than at many places. Perrone said he didn't want people to be squeezed together, and wanted to make it easy for people to come up and order beer or for waiters to drop off food. There's enough room for somebody to stand between two bar stools if they want to chat. He joked that there's a lot of "experience and science behind the placement of our stools." There are also plugs for your phone charger or whatever under the bar.

The front of the building opens up to the street as well with a roll-down metal door (sort of like a garage door) which is a nice touch.

There will also be a patio. He's still working on the configuration and fencing, and it will open later on due to permits and such, but there will be some outdoor places to sit.

In all, the place sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood, and I look forward to stopping in when it's open.


  1. Open at 11am for lunch, but no full kitchen? I don't get it. Disappointed there isn't more of emphasis on food.

  2. They're going to have food, the kitchen just isn't very big.


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