Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Need a post office in the neighborhood? There's two on Georgia Avenue


For some people, this may be a "no duh" post, but maybe helpful for others. The other day I was looking for post offices and forgot that we have two in our area -- there's a station at Georgia Avenue and Morton in Park View, and one a bit farther north at Georgia Avenue and Upshur, which also has a cool, old school painted glass window (pictured above.)

Both are open regular hours, Monday-Friday 9am-10:30am, then a break for lunch, then 11:30am-5 pm. Neither are open on the weekend, but a bit farther away, there's one at 2300 18th Street NW which is open on Saturdays. There's also the Fed Ex Office on 14th near Kenyon if you need that sort of service.

Here's the websites for the Morton Street and Upshur Street offices.

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