Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lyman's Bar at 14th and Quincy opening next week!

Whoa! I've been following Lyman's, the new bar coming next door to the Red Derby, for some time, but just heard some news: the blog Urban Daddy says they're opening next week.

The blog says it's actually a Montana-themed bar, which is different from the Vermont theme we heard before. It's rustic inside with lots of wood, furniture and old stools, antiques and old food items, a jackalope. The food will match: hearty, simple stuff like chili, sliders, popcorn.

The spot will have about 70 seats and the idea is to be a relaxed, neighborhood spot.

There's also a photo gallery on the Urban Daddy site, which looks pretty great. Here's Lyman's Facebook page.

Here's our previous visit to the bar, which also mentions the indoor-outdoor bar (there will be patio seating on the Quincy Street side) plus the 3 pinball machines. Here's the rest of our previous coverage.

Once I get more details, I'll let you know. I'm pretty excited.


Anonymous said...

I was really hoping they would have a full kitchen. I'll check them out, but my time there will be limited without many food offerings. Best of luck to them though!

Rockandroar said...

When did anyone ever say it was a Vermont themed bar? I'm pretty sure the owner is from New Jersey, and he lived in Montana for a good while before ending up in DC.