Friday, May 16, 2014

District Flea goes on hiatus, may be closed for good

District Flea This is too bad: District Flea, the vintage clothing, furniture and craft market at the empty lot at 945 Florida Avenue NW, announced this week that they're going on hiatus.

The City Paper and Post say that visitor interest had been diminishing each week, resulting in fewer and fewer vendors. I stopped by on the Saturday of the Funk Parade (two weeks ago) and was surprised at how few there were, although I was also surprised they were open at all, as I didn't know it was a continuous thing and hadn't heard about their second season.

I wonder if that's part of the problem -- the market was very popular when it first opened, but I mainly heard about it through word of mouth, and I thought it was sort of a one-off (or at least a one-season off.) Since opening for their second season, I hadn't heard a peep about it anywhere. And while this isn't a famous news site or anything, this is a blog about the neighborhood right next to the market and I never got a press release or anything -- I happily would have written about it.

Another flea marker operator, Michael Sussman, who runs the U Street Flea Market, thinks the decline was due to their reliance on food -- this year, the District Flea folks added tables for eating and more food vendors. This seems like a strange argument to me, I went and had some coffee, some ice cream, and bought some items too. I figure people eating would probably browse too.

But that's my theory. Why do you think it closed? Did you go?


  1. When it was first announced, I thought they said it was for one season. I liked it and would have gone back, but didn't know it opened again.

  2. Exactly! Not that I'm any kind of famous blogger, but I write a blog about a neighborhood literally next door to the market and never got a press release or anything.


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