Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cool aerial videos of Adams Morgan from a quad-copter

Here's some views of Adams Morgan you don't see everyday: local activist Adam Eidinger has a few videos on his YouTube page of him flying a quadcopter (a helicopter with four rotors) mounted with a video camera over Adams Morgan.

It's cool to see the buildings and try to pick out places you know -- the bar that used to be the Reef, the church on Columbia Road, and most of the 18th Street bar strip.

The uses a LotusRC brand T580 quadcopter and a GoPro camera. (It's technically remote controlled, not a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle.)

Here's a nice one of the sunset over Adams Morgan, looking out over the rest of the city.

This one's over Kalorama

This one's of Adams Morgan Day, but it's a bit disorienting, and then he crashes the chopper (while adding some political messages about military drones.)

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