Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's officially the first day of short sleeve weather!

It's finally here -- the official first day of short sleeve weather. Ok, maybe it wasn't proclaimed by the mayor, but it is getting up to 70 degrees today and to me that signals honest to goodness, for realsies spring -- not March 22 spring or the is-it-seriously-snowing-today spring, but the best time in DC spring.

So what? So get out of your basement apartments and leave your cubes a little early and head outside to take advantage of our neighborhood. We're blessed with many outdoor (and almost outdoor) options.

For one, we have lots of nice open spaces: Meridian Hill Park, Rock Creek and its fields and hiking trails, people watching on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, even the big Bruce Monroe Park over on Georgia.

There's also a ton of outdoor dining and drinking spots: roof decks at Red Derby and El Chucho, patios at Wonderland, Red Rocks, Room 11, Looking Glass and DC Reynolds, and indoor-outdoor spots like Meridian Pint's main floor and the Coupe, with big windows that open to the world.

Plus a lot of us have porches or patios, good for relaxing and talking and enjoying the weather. You may even meet a neighbor or two, and they're probably more interesting than you thought.

Maybe I've had too much coffee today or something, but I'm excited for this weather. It's finally here.

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  1. Spring for realsies!!! First thing I noticed today was that I did not need a jacket to go over my suit blazer. Not sure when I'll get to go short sleeves at work but I will embrace it on my leisure time!


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