Friday, April 18, 2014

Help Celebrate Petworth: shop on Upshur on Saturday to benefit a Petworth community festival

A group of neighborhood folks and businesses are working to start a community festival in Petworth: they're calling it Celebrate Petworth, and they need your help to make it happen. They're holding a few fundraisers, including this Saturday, where businesses on Upshur Street (Petworth Citizen, Fia's Fabulous Finds, Bentley's Vintage, and Willow) will donate 10% of all sales to the fest. Sounds awesome! I'll be there.

They also have a CrowdRise site, like a Kickstarter page to raise money. Read below for more info.

  • A group of community organizers have come together to plan and execute a small neighborhood festival celebration in the heart of Petworth. The Celebrate Petworth Festival will highlight the creativity, diversity, culture, people, and quality of life of Petworth: the core components of what make Petworth a vibrant and wonderful place to live and do business. Celebrate Petworth will be anchored around 4 main themes: Art, Music, Food and Healthy Living, and Kids/Family and will be held Saturday, May 10th from Noon to 6 PM.
  • CrowdRise Campaign: Organizers estimate it will cost approximately $12,000 to cover DCRA and DDOT permitting fees, required security and insurance, staging and equipment, and to support the musicians and performers. We are asking the community to help us raise $5,000 while we attempt to secure the majority through corporate sponsorships.
    We envision this inaugural festival being the first of many to come. Your support will help make this kickoff a success and secure it as an annual celebration of our community.
  • Weekend Fundraiser: Take advantage of the weekend's spring weather and swing by the Upshur Street for some shopping and dining to benefit the inaugural Celebrate Petworth. Shop or dine at Petworth Citizen, Fia's Fabulous Finds, Bentley's Vintage, and/or Willow this Saturday, April 19th between 10 AM and 2 PMand 10 percent of sales will go to funding this neighborhood-organized event! See you on Saturday and on May 10th!
  • Event Sponsors - Green Line Real Estate, Creativecouch Designs, Car2Go, Petworth Citizen, Fido and Kitty's World, Various Petworth Neighbors

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