Monday, April 7, 2014

Book release, talk at Petworth Citizen on Tuesday Wednesday: debut book of young adult sci-fi

If you know a young adult, or just like YA fiction, head to Petworth Citizen this Tuesday Wednesday for the release of The Six Days, a new novel of young adult fiction. The book is by Anna Carolyn McCormally and is published by Giant Squid Books, a group that publishes debut novels by new writers. A nice idea!

See below for more from them about the event.

I was at Petworth Citizen Friday night, it was a nice spot. I especially liked the Moscow mules, a vodka and ginger beer cocktail which comes in a copper cup.
Giant Squid Books is a YA imprint publishing debut authors through ebook and trade paperback platforms. We are not a traditional publisher, but we are also not a self-publishing service: we are the next step for authors who are thinking about self-publishing but want the editorial and promotional resources of an agency. It is our goal to promote new authors who are doing exciting things for the young adult literature world.

Our first book, THE SIX DAYS, came out on April 1. We are hosting a release party on April 9 at the Petworth Citizen at 7:30 PM. The book will be for sale in print and ebook form, there will be an author reading, and Rachel Miller of Giant Squid will give a talk about Giant Squid Books and a couple of their other projects (including a feminist sci-fi anthology featuring teen writers from DC!).

If you'd like to join the event on Facebook, here's the link: And our website is

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