Thursday, March 13, 2014

Someone is advocating for a dedicated bus lane on 16th Street, and we can't agree more

I've written a lot about how slow the buses are in the mornings in our area -- I once calculated that it took me about 40 minutes to go two miles to downtown on the 14th Street bus, or just over two miles an hour. I could walk backwards faster.

There have been some proposals, like more express buses, but this is an interesting one -- Dupont Circle ANC commish Kishan Putta has started a campaign for a dedicated bus lane on 16th Street. BeyondDC snapped this photo, which argues that 50% of all trips in the morning are on buses, so why not have a lane?

I'm no transportation expert, and I'm sure there would need to be studies, but still, worth a shot right?

How about you? Think it's a good idea, or got any other suggestions? (I, for one, always think about riding my bike, but that's not a possibility for everybody.)

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Ed said...

This should happen and happen asap.