Monday, February 3, 2014

What's it called? ANC votes for a Columbia Heights Civic Plaza sign


In the past I've written a few times about how some people call the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza by the wrong name -- they might say Tivoli Plaza, the triangle, where the fountains are, and so on. I like the official name, and decided to suggest that we put up a sign with the name on the Plaza, and I just learned that the local Advisory Neighborhood Association passed a resolution in favor of it.

I emailed North Columbia Heights Civic Association president Brittany Kademian, and she said one of the NCHCA board members, ANC commish Patrick Flynn, decided to propose it to ANC 1A, which represents the area. It passed 5-0 (with 4 abstentions.)

Here's the text of the resolution:
Whereas, the public space at the intersections of 14th St, Park Rd. and Kenyon St, NW is currently commonly known by a host of different names such as “The Plaza,” “The Fountain,” “Tivoli Square, and “The Square,” among others.  
Whereas, clarity for the community and information to visitors would be greatly helped by the erection of a sign with the space’s proper and legal name, “Columbia Heights Civic Plaza,” 
Whereas, a unique opportunity for community creativity exists in the design of said sign,  
Be it resolved: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A is in favor of initiating a dialogue with the Columbia Heights community and the District Department of Parks and Recreation (“DPR”) for the purpose of erecting a sign at said public space, in accordance with all regulations and guidelines for such signage, as set forth in the District of Columbia Municipal Code.  
Be it further resolved: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A asks that DPR give permission to the ANC or a community group, such as the Columbia Heights Civic Association, to commission and design the same, with the full and complete permission of DPR and any other affected District of Columbia Government Agency.
Sure, it's not exactly ground-breaking legislation or a pressing issue in the community, but it's something nice and just goes to show that if you suggest decent ideas to people, they might run with them!

(And if you don't believe me, here's a couple of official sources for the name.)


  1. I call it little Guatemala.

  2. A find idea - are you taking bets on how many years it will take to design/funding/build approval! Oh and how long will it take for William to write an email about how it is another example of Graham's pay to play consipriacy with Donatelli or whatever new wacko conspiracy he will dream up.

  3. The Plaza has a plaque with its name. Doesn't need a sign some muchs as it needs a maintenance plan.

    Pay-to-play is no conspiracy just typical Ward 1 politics.



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