Friday, February 28, 2014

Reader question: what are some good CSAs to get produce?

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The other day a reader sent me a question --what are some local farms that do CSAs, community supported agriculture, where you subscribe to a farm and regularly (usually weekly) you get a box of food -- veggies, fruits, and sometimes meat, eggs or dairy too.

In the past I've used both Orchard Country Produce and Earth Spring Farm, and generally liked both. Earth Spring had a pickup in Mt. Pleasant while Orchard Country had one convenient to my coworker's office, and both had a lot of good stuff. Of course, I'm no wiz in the kitchen, so it was sometimes tough when we got a whole bunch of some ingredient I didn't know how to use. I like dill, for example, but have no idea what to do with a pound of it. (My solution was to add it to ramen, which probably automatically canceled out any health benefit.

So that's where I ask you all for some more suggestions -- what are other good CSAs you'd recommend, or even not recommend?

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  1. I use these guys:

    They have a pickup location in Petworth (GA ave and Allison Sts), and lots of share options...produce, dairy, grain, protein, etc..

    Bonus if you have more than 10 people coming to a pickup site, you can get your own pickup site.

  2. I'd be interested to know the names and pricing options for CSAs that have a pick-up spot in Columbia Heights. Currently, there's no one central location for that information.

  3. Smucker Farms at 2118 14th ST.

  4. I use Washington's Green Grocer, which is not exactly a CSA, but they have local and/or organic options, deliver to your door, and require no commitment (you pick when you get your shipment and only pay at those times). I have been using them for 8 years and absolutely love them.

  5. I am with Dragonfly Farms (
    We offer a CSA and have a drop off at the Columbia Heights farmers market Saturday mornings. You can pick up your share during market hours. We offer a good variety of fruits and vegetables in our weekly shares. Visit our website for details including pricing.

  6. Try getting in touch with the guys who write for the bitten word. They live in dc and seem to know the local CSA scene well


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