Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Evil snowman scaring passersby outside DCUSA!

This is pretty awesome.

A reader sent a picture of a giant snowman outside DCUSA:
"Just passing along a strange sight in Columbia Heights yesterday... A person in a snowman costume posed like a statue outside the DCUSA center yesterday evening and then randomly lunged towards passersby trying to scare them. There were many screams and laughs!"
I've seen a similar prank online in videos, and doing a little bit of research it looks like some folks did the same thing in 2012 at the Columbia Heights Metro with a giant Santa. Pretty funny. I wonder if those were the same folks.

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  1. I passed the snowman on the way home and immediately thought of the "Scary Snowman" series on YouTube. This didn't appear to be the same people mostly because the snowman did not look anywhere near as convincing as the one in the series. In addition, the folks with the camera were out in the open, which should clue people into the fact that something is up. Still nice to see, though.


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