Monday, February 10, 2014

Condos, 7-Eleven coming to 14th and Quincy, site of burned sketchy hotel

Looks like more residents will be coming to the area around 14th and Spring, plus a convenience store.

You may recall that in March, the C&K Hotel at 14th and Quincy burned. The hotel, made up of a few adjoining rowhouses, was vacant but had housed a transient hotel and had been the site of prostitution and drug use. After it burned, the building was demolished and now Elevation DC reports that the building will have 20 condos, 16 of which will be two bedroom two bath, plus a 7-Eleven will be located on the ground floor.

The developers, Zusin Development and Sivan Properties, just got a permit last week, so this may be a little ways off.

In any case, nice to see some more folks coming to that area, especially replacing a vacant lot that used to house a sketchy business. The 7-Eleven is decent, I guess.

And this is the second residential project in that area, with the other coming to the southeast corner of 14th and Spring, taking over a couple of buildings. That area might gradually start to look like 14th Street a few blocks south.

Below is a photo of the front of the building after it burned, taken by ANC commish Lisa Kralovic.


  1. I'm all for development but I'm sad to see another condo building go up for a couple reasons. The houses that were there before, while housing a sketchy business, were beautiful old buildings that could have been restored and housed a not so sketchy business. Also, do we REALLY need another condo project in this area? Don't we need more housing for families, and low to mid-income families not folks who can afford to buy a small, expensive condo AND pay co nod fees? Isn't the diversity of this neighborhood one of the things that makes it so great? Just saying'!

  2. You make a good point, but I would bet that the money it would cost to fix them up wouldn't make it worth it. I think they walls had been knocked down inside creating one big building.

    That said I totally agree on affordable housing, and I wonder if this place is offering any. I thought that was a requirement.


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