Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best way to avoid expensive cabs from U Street?

The other day a reader sent me a question on Twitter: what's the best way to avoid an expensive Uber ride when it's a weekend night on U Street? Often there are lots of people looking for cabs, which means more expensive Uber rates. Here's some of my suggestions, but please leave your own in the comments!

For one, I'd suggest UberX -- I've heard it's a lot cheaper than even regular cabs, let alone Uber. UberX is sort of like Lyft, where people sign up and use their own cars to cab people around. They're vetted and things, it's not just any person off the street. I haven't used UberX but a few friends love it. And a related note, Lyft is the same idea -- you may have seen their pink mustaches on the front of cars. I also use the MyTaxi app, which works like the Uber app but is for regular cabs. I've had luck with it in the past, and rates are the same as it would be if you hailed a cab on the street.

And when the weather is nicer, there's always Capital Bikeshare, though riding up the hill sucks. The hill is less steep on 11th Street and Georgia Avenue than on 14th and 13th, however.

So those are my suggestions -- how about yours?


  1. I haven't tried MyTaxi, but I do have pretty good luck with Hailo. It's the regular fare +$1.50. The app downloads to your phone and it just charges your credit card that is on file.

  2. Some people don't want to walk late at night after they've had a few drinks. I think that's reasonable.

  3. As well you have Circulator, Regular Bus, Metro and walking. So many options, just sharing. Actually a walk after drinking does one good.


  4. These are great tips! Hailing a cab can really be a challenge, especially late at night. It’s a good thing that nowadays there are a lot of options to choose from. What you stated above is one good example. Having a cab service handy is definitely advantageous, because they will pick you up and drop you off without a hitch. Though it would also be best if you know an official cab service to call just in case. Thanks for sharing.

    Sabra @ YellowTaxiStPetersburg.com


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