Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow! Help create a snow-people army at Meridian Hill Park, today at 4 pm!

It's snowy, which means some fun people have some fun ideas -- get a bunch of people together to create an army of snow people at Meridian Hill Park -- maybe snowmen, snow ladies, snow kids, snow animals, whatever!

Here's what's going around Facebook:
4pm sharp, Meridian Hill Park (near Joan of Arc), be there and help create an army of snowpeople! Bring warm clothes and carrots, coal or other snowperson accessories.
There's actually a fair amount of snow, and more to come! The Joan of Arc statue is basically in the middle, just north of the sports fields and above the stairs.

So let's do it! Bring your warm clothes and your friends.

If you recall, during Snowpocalypse there was a big (and super fun) snowball fight at the same place, including some idiot in a horse head mask (me.)  It was a blast, and along with lots of sledding down the steps, a pretty great time for adults and kids alike. (Someone even brought a keg, but I'd recommend against that. You know, laws and stuff.)

Here's me in the horse mask trying to get the two sides to throw snowballs at me (it worked.)

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  1. it's not the best snow for packing, better for snorting


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