Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pres. Obama visits the Coupe for lunch earlier this month!

(Note: I had this scheduled to post on Jan 13. It didn't post for some reason. My apologies.)

If you were around on Friday the 10th, you may have noticed a lot of hubbub around lunchtime -- turns out President Obama was in the neighborhood, lunching at The Coupe with some young people.

The young people were working on promoting health insurance and the AP implies that the administration decided on our neighborhood for the event because it's popular with young folks.

A friend on Instagram snapped the above shot of POTUS, who was eating chili and drinking tea, according to DCist.

I've lost track of the number of times the President has visited our hood, which I believe to be his favorite neighborhood. He's visited Bannker, Bell, Capital City Charter and Tubman Schools, plus working out at Washington Sports Club. In addition, the First Lady has had a number of events in the area, like at Tubman Elementary, CentroNia, and the Columbia Heights Youth Club, and Vice President Biden and his granddaughters ate at Pete's Apizza (which the President also mentioned in a speech on small business.)

Here's all the posts I've written about the administration visiting the area. (And that's not to mention other famous folks like Fidel Castro, Questlove, Cate Blanchett at Target, Jessica Alba and Keri Russell, Chris Rock, Dave Eggers and Lady Gaga -- sort of. Plus a ton more.)

Pretty cool to see some presidential props for the area. Maybe soon we'll see the First Couple having some margaritas at El Chucho or VP Biden chilling at Wonderland.

AP photo - Susan Walsh

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