Monday, January 27, 2014

New taqueria coming to 14th north of Spring

I don't have many details yet, but this weekend I spotted a sign for a new taqueria coming to 14th Street NW just north of Spring Road (on the same block as the Red Derby.)

The place is called Taqueria Habanero and the sign says "coming soon" in Spanish.

Sounds good to me -- more tacos is ways a good thing, and there aren't a ton of food options up in this next of the woods -- though Susana's Pupuserias, a little takeout spot, across the street is awesome, and the Derb' has some solid options and good deals.


  1. Yummy! I can't wait. I'm too lazy to make it to Taqueria DF, looking forward to this new spot.

    On the subject of tacos, I really like the breakfast tacos offered by Milk Cult at Sanctuary... they're the "pop up" coffee shop that operates during the daytime at the newish Park View Patio on Georgia Avenue.

  2. Agreed! I wrote about Milk Cult a few weeks ago, they are fantastic.

  3. NIce, I'll check out the post. I wish Milk Cult were open later on the weekends but they have to accommodate for the bar's operating hours.


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